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Is WHO Suppressed Under The Claws Of Powerful Countries Around The World?

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All of us round the world is currently observing home isolation. We are sticking to the TV or online news to get the news of the Covid-19 corona virus. We all are aware of “Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus” the World Health Organization’s director general’s briefings.

Every nation follows WHO’s guidelines. All allows the resources’ coordination, information and medical equipment. It happens across the national boundaries. But, the fact is not the same. As per a tweet by Donald Trump on 7th April 2020, “The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric.”

WHO: A failed agency to tackle Corona virus pandemic?

The World Health Organization has faced many criticisms in the past. Those were owing to handling disease outbreaks. With more than 3,325,650 Covid-19 cases worldwide. People across the world are locked up in their own homes. Impact of Covid-19 on Businesses and Economy

World Health Organization Corruption

The organization has admitted an error in the Corona Virus’s risk assessment. A UN agency based in Geneva depicted that the risk was too high in China and the entire globe. The WHO explained about its incorrect report. It stated the global risk as moderate.

Even, worldwide risk assessment’s correction doesn’t mean a declaration of international health emergency. Few critics have challenged WHO’s cautious approach related to the outbreak. It brought the past criticism into the forefront. There, WHO was slow in using the term of deadly 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic.

WHO has again become the pivot of criticism due to Corona virus:

Currently, the world is facing a devastating situation due to Corona Virus outbreak. 3,485,936 people are under its spell. The death rate has reached 244,803. Trump and few WHO’s supporters gave their opinion. They said WHO is not exercising its authority properly.

WHO is striving hard to get 194 member states to obey its direction. John MacKenzie is a virologist and adviser of the WHO’s emergency committee. He said WHO’s leaders are frustrated. Both the US and UK disregarded the warnings.

 US has criticized WHO

The US found fault in WHO’s tackling of the Corona Virus outbreak. The Chinese officials also faced accusations as they have suppressed the outbreak’s news. The detection of the killing virus spread took place in Wuhan at the end of last year.

US has criticized WHO

According to Trump, US would stop funding as WHO is severely mismanaging and hiding the coronavirus spread. In 2019, US has contributed over $400 million to WHO. Showing concern, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wished Trump to reconsider the decision.

China is supporting WHO at this moment:

China has done a contribution of $20 million. WHO is currently seeking to raise over $1 billion for funding the measures to tackle coronavirus problem. As per Hua Chunying, Foreign Ministry spokesperson, the new donation is to strengthen the developing countries’ health systems.

He tweeted few days back. During this tough moment, supporting WHO means supporting multilateralism and global solidarity. He made reference to the US too.

Australia looks for an investigation

China opined that Morrison’s call had political motivation. Geng Shuang, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson has given his verdict. He said Australia’s independent inquiry is a political manipulation.

Europe shows cold shoulder to inquiry:

Europe has shown little enthusiasm towards an enquiry. Britain and France said it was not the right time to share blame.

What does the latest updates say?

A renowned digital portal “timesofindia.indiatimes.com” released a sensational news on 2nd May 2020. On Friday, the White House opined that China had mishandled the situation after Corona Virus spread in Wuhan city. It remained shut from giving any answer. the answer was related to retaliatory measures against any Asian big-shot.

Corona Virus outbreak was in report first in Wuhan city in Mid-November 2019. It has taken over 2,35,000 lives globally. Among the 64,000 were Americans. The Covid-19 infection has affected 3.3 million people worldwide.

China alongside World Health Organization has hidden the information of human- to- human transmission.  BOMBSHELL REPORT: CCP China Dictator Xi Jinping Pushed For WHO To DELAY Warning Of Human-To-Human Transmission Of Coronavirus. They stopped the US investigators to involve at the crucial time.

The White House Press Secretary’s current opinion:

Kayleigh Mc Enany, the new White House Press Secretary revealed that the US got little and doubtful data from China. The present assessments indicating Corona Virus’s origin from Wuhan’s lab matches with the analysts’ believe that the virus began there.

According to her, it is essential to expedite in China, but it failed to occur. In fact, WHO has some dubious questions of their own to elucidate. Again, the WHO receives USD 400 – 500 Million per year from the US, whereas, China contribute only USD 40 million each year. But then also, WHO seems possessing China bias.

We also came to know a shocking fact from her report. On December 31, 2020, Taiwanese officials warned about the contagious nature of the virus. WHO refused to make it public. Again on 9th January 2020, WHO repeated after China that corona doesn’t transmit easily between humans.

Furthermore, WHO on 14th January repeated the same verdict. On 22nd January 2020, WHO praised the leadership of China. They even said on 23rd January that the pandemic doesn’t apply for the public health emergency internationally.

On 29th February, when the virus had already grasped the world, WHO chose political correctness over lifesaving travel restriction. It is unacceptable to the fullest, especially when the US is granting $400-500 million.


The world’s developed countries are blaming China:

Not only United States but also Britain, Australia and Germany are blaming China for global spread of the coronavirus. President Trump has given a hint to punish China for this reason. We have experienced the markets went down. China didn’t share the genetic sequence until a shanghai professor did it himself. China also closed his lab in the name of quote rectification. Hence, it is obvious to take displeasure with the wrong actions of China.

Expectation from WHO:

By far, we all know that the danger of novel coronavirus outbreak lies in the human to human transmission. It can happen from both symptomatic and asymptomatic infected persons. The WHO is UN affiliated. It has a global presence. The expectation from WHO becomes high regarding passing disease alert. It must highlight the fast transmission contagion cases to the member countries.

A most shocking part led WHO in the suspicious eyes of all leading counties. There was alterations in the WHO’s IHR or International Health Regulations about the virus’s human-to-human transmission. In fact, a large number of Taiwan nationals have their professional base in mainland China. Many Taiwan people work in Wuhan that is ground-zero of the corona virus.

Even Taiwan passed the valid information to China on 31st December. On the same day China gave a shocking information. It was about a mysterious disease to WHO. The information was about the Covid-19 corona virus led disease.

A brief about IHR:

It is a framework of WHO. It deals with exchanging data related to epidemic prevention and response. 196 countries share the data. Taiwan is not WHO’s member. The global body does not give recognition to Taiwan as an individual country.

Taiwan also blamed WHO of ignorance:

Taiwan accused WHO of not paying heed to its warning. The state said that inputs send by all countries get place on the websites of IHR as a global alert. But, the organization ignored Taiwanese warning related to novel corona virus outbreak. It also neglected the warning of human to human transmission.

Even, Taiwan revealed that it came to know that few doctors went under the spell of the coronavirus. It happened after they had treated Wuhan’s Covid-19 patients. It is the responsibility of WHO to positively share this critical information with the world. But, it avoided doing so.

Study shows that WHO depends majorly on Chinese authorities. They got the accusation by the independent observers and the local population. The blame relates to the hiding of corona virus outbreak. It feared the economic consequences.

Going back to January 20 this year, China admitted limited transmission of the virus from one human to another. But already panic has started taking place in other countries. Unfortunately, WHO assured that there is no requirement of full travel ban to and from China. It aggravated the pathetic situation that we are in today.

Conclusive Points:

All the countries must bat for themselves. Some countries got offer from China. Venezuela also did same. Redefining the diplomatic alignments is a way to deal with the present crisis.

China should have been more transparent to WHO earlier when things were going wrong, at last, year’s end. The basic fault of WHO is that it relies on the data coming from its member countries. The WHO team visited China in this year’s February for evaluating the response. They did it with a joint venture with the representatives of China.

We can say that WHO didn’t perform their job and intensified the misinformation extended from the Chinese authorities. This is unforgivable. As a responsible authority, WHO must take necessary steps to investigate the data they get. They must not trust what they receive. It’s a matter of people’s life all over the world. All the countries have to support each other obeying the guidance of WHO.

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