Most Deadliest Weapons In The 21st Century Of World

Weapons are the smartest devices that counties use either to defend them from any harm or to inflict damage on someone else. So, a weapon has vice-versa usage which makes it a dangerous device for mankind! While many countries use weapons for self-defense activities, there are many criminals and terrorist organizations that use weapons to harm innocents strategically. With time, weaponry has evolved and modern technology advancement has empowered highly efficient and dangerous weapons today. As we know there are many deadliest weapons around the world but let us take a look at some of the worlds most dangerous weapons that have been produced by manhood. It will not wonder you that all of these deadliest weapons are the discoveries or inventions of today but some of the lineages can be traced back thousands of years.

Let’s have a look at worlds most dangerous weapons!

5. AK-47 Rifle

While many think that atomic bombs are the deadliest weapons to kill thousands of lives in minutes, the Kalashnikov’s Assault Rifle AK-47 has already killed millions worldwide! The AK-47 Rifle was created to be a modest, consistent fully programmed rifle that could be produced rapidly and inexpensively, using mass construction methods that were state of the art in the world in the years of 1940s. Originally developed by the Soviet military, the range of AK-47 rifles is now available across the globe. Due to its easy availability, many global terrorists get hands-on AK-47 easily. As a result, AK-47 is popularly used by the terrorist organizations to slaughter innocent lives within the blink of an eye!

worlds most dangerous  AK-47 Rifle

Why AK-47 is the deadliest weapon?

It is relatively cheap to produce an AK-47 rifle. Plus, the rifle is easy-to-carry and lightweight. Also, this rifle requires very less recoil which automatically boosts its performance and reliability. One can easily shoot down another even in the most difficult situations, i.e. in deep forests, waterlogged areas, and sandstorms and all these specialties makes AK-47 one of worlds most dangerous weapon. The AK-47 Rifle uses a gas system that is usually connected with great dependability in opposing situations. The large gas piston of AK-47 Rifle substantial permissions between moving parts, and pointed holder case design allow the gun to tolerate large amounts of distant matter and entangling without failing to cycle. As this rifle’s performance is unbeatable in both extreme hot and cold areas, no rifle has yet replaced AK-47 since the 19th century!

4. General Power Machine Gun GPMG

GPMG or General Power Machine Gun is the world’s most dangerous and deadliest machine gun today. In World War 1, GPMG successfully replaced the Bren Light Machine Gun and Vickers Heavy Machine Gun and is still in use. Originated from the British Military, GPMG is currently used by more than 60 countries across the globe. The GPMG comprises a suitable assembly of modular essentials for faster reaction in war field proving it to be one of the most dangerous weapons in the world.

Worlds Most Dangerous (GPMG) General Power Machine Gun

Important facts of GPMG:

  • GPMG carries a simple belt-fed design with a gas-operated gun.
  • GPMG is an automated machine gun purposed to hit the target at lightning speed.
  • General Power Machine Gun is designed with air-cooling system and assures bullets to travel at a velocity of 538m/s
  • GPMG is extremely durable and can operate in extreme weather conditions like in the arctic or desserts.

One can easily mount one GPMG on a vehicle or boat or helicopter in a particular place and GPMG will operate with 100% accuracy. In the mounted condition, one person fires from GPMG while another person keeps loading the ammunition and changes barrels and all these specialties of General Power Machine Gun add him to the list of worlds most dangerous weapon.

3. ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile)

The ICBM or Intercontinental Ballistic Missile is mainly used as a carrier of any nuclear weapon or biochemical weapon to a particular target. The missile is specifically designed to travel intercontinental distance of approximately 5500 KMs or 3400 Miles within which it can carry the weapon from one place to another and deploy it safely to the target. It has potential to enter the lower orbit of Earth in regards to hit targeted space. However, the longest ICBM developed by technological means is R-36M (SS-18 Satan) that possesses a range of 16,000km.

dangerous Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Previously, old ICBMs were capable of carrying a single weapon to a single target. Now, with technology advancement, modern ICBMs can carry more than one weapon to more than one specific target. These ICBMs are now called as MIRVs or Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles. ICBMs have the ability to be hurled from aircraft, submarines, projectile silos, and other similar vehicles. These weapons allowed the flexibility that allowed the country to strike back and finish the enemy, it essentially guaranteed a second raid on the opponent. That’s the reason Intercontinental Ballistic Missile are one of worlds most dangerous weapon. The process to deploy ICBMs successfully is complex and requires a lot of administration of long processes. Countries like North Korea, Russia, the U.S., China, India, and France are currently researching different ways to make these processes simpler and easier to deploy!

2. Typhoon-class Submarine

Typhoon-class Submarine is the world’s largest nuclear-powered submarine which is fully equipped with multiple RSM-52 ballistic missiles. It is developed for underwater attacks by the Soviet Union. The Typhoon-class submarine is one of worlds most dangerous weapon with a superstructure designed model for handling huge pressure of water. With two powerful nuclear water reactors, Typhoon can sail at the fastest speed of 22.2 KT on the water surface and 27 KT under the water. Plus, it can deploy long-range missiles with great accuracy.

Typhoon-class Submarine

Typhoon comes with multiple pressure hulls that allow comfortable living facilities to a crew submerged underwater for months. It carries six 21 inch torpedo tubes along with type 53 torpedoes and it can stay underwater for a maximum of 120 days. Russian military is currently manufacturing Typhoon class submarines!

1. Hydrogen Bomb : H-bomb

Many people confuse the H-Bomb or Hydrogen Bomb with the atomic bomb. But, H-Bomb is completely different than the atomic bomb. It is a thermo-nuclear weapon developed with fusion reaction of hydrogen element that has potential destructive power with more efficiency than atomic bombs. The weapon is developed through sophisticated fusion reaction and ensures a complex structure to be the most dangerous weapon in the world. It is 1000 times more powerful than an atomic bomb isn’t it crazy?

Worlds Most Dangerous Hydrogen Bomb  (H-bomb)

Do you want to visualize the power of an H-Bomb? An atomic bomb flattened the whole Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War 2 which killed more than 200k people in Japan. Hydrogen bomb has never been used in clashes by any country around the world but specialists say H-bomb has the power to spread out whole cities of the country and kill suggestively more people than the already influential atomic bomb. Now, just imagine the destructive power of the Hydrogen Bomb which is much more powerful than an atomic bomb! That’s why Hydrogen Bomb is in Number 1 position of worlds most dangerous weapon list of 21st century.

Important facts of H-Bomb:

  • H-Bomb is formed by using Uranium & Plutonium (two radioactive materials used in atomic bomb formation) and two Hydrogen isotopes called Tritium and Deuterium.
  • H-Bomb works on the combination of two processes: Fusion and Fission. Both of these processes release a significant amount of energy which drives such a powerful explosion.
  • H-Bombs are smaller in size as compared to atomic bombs which makes its application easier.
  • The process of forming an H-Bomb is complex and the research work is still in progress.

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